July 2020

Newsletter by Edmond Rouillard (Outfitter) and Niel Uys (Manager):

Dear friends

We trust you are well.

Harloo Safaris has had a great season so far. We have been fortunate enough to meet some great new friends and have had unforgettable nights around the camp fire.



  1. A Great Season So Far

  2. Family hunt with two old buffalo bulls taken

  3. First time hunters took their first animals ever with Harloo Safaris.

  4. Second leopard sighting

  5. Hunting report

  6. Great deals on hunts for 2020


Yours Sincerely

Edmond Rouillard (Outfitter)

1. A Great Season So Far

The 2019 hunting season has been great and on behalf of Harloo Safaris I want to thank all our old and new friends for their loyal support!

Below are some of the trophies that have been taken so far for the 2019 season. There are plenty to come.

Big Bull Buffalo

Beautiful Nyala bull

Very Nice Waterbuck

Big Common Reedbuck

The young man with a nice kudu he took

Beautiful Zebra

Very nice impala 23.5 inches 

Very nice old sable bull 39.5 inch

Big blesbuck 16 inch

First bush pig of the year a very old male

2. Family hunt with two old buffalo bulls taken

An old friend had visit us again after 7 years with his family and a family friend that brought her son for his first hunt ever. It was absolutely lovely to see them again and to meet the family friends.

Having drinks at the lookout at Harloo

A Very proud dad with his daughter and son sharing the moment

Father and Son pictured below left each get a buffalo. The two bulls were seen on the side of a hill early that morning. We planned the stalk and started the hunt. By this time the bulls knew of our presence and had moved down the hill to a flat area that had cover for them. When we got down to the flat area we spotted the two bulls again and started the stalk.


We got within 50 yards from the two bulls but there was no shot because of the brush so we had to wait for them to walk into an open gap. I had already set up the shooting sticks and got dad on them. We watied patiently for about 30 minutes before the bull that we were after entered the clearing. Dad made a perfect shot and ended up getting another round into the buffalo. The buffalo went down about 10 meters from where he was shot the first time. The buffalos mate (the second bull) refused to leave without his friend and was standing waiting for him to get up. This is when dad decided that his son must take the second bull. He made a perfect shot as well and we found both buffalo lying about 40 yards apart.

Both these buffalo were very old. The one the son took had one horn, which he most probably lost  in a fight with another bull over cows.

Picture below Right: Family friends. This was this young man’s very first hunt ever and he was lucky to have his mother with him.

3. First time hunters

This mother and her son joined by the dad shot their first animals ever here at Harloo Safaris.

4. Second leopard sighting on Harloo

We were lucky to spot a second leopard on Harloo. This is a different leopard spotted about 6km away from the other sighting. Although it was in a distance we could get a very good look and appreciate the magnificent cat through our binoculars.


In previous newsletters we have asked a big favour and we want to ask again that you please write something about your experience with us on http://huntingreport.com/enter-hunting-report/. Marketing is costly and business is tough with the political problems and the weak economy. For those who have already posted we thank you. It is truly appreciated!

5. Great deals on hunts for the 2020 Season:



  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 37” spread.

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, license fees, field staff all included - no hidden fees


  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 40” spread 

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, permits, license fees & field staff all included – no hidden fees


  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 43” spread. 

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, permits, license fees & field staff all included – no hidden fees


  • Choose any 6 out of the following species total per package deal: Grey Duiker, Warthog, Impala, Blesbuck, Wildebeest, Zebra, Kudu & Nyala 

  • Including 10 days, 9 nights for two hunters hunting 2 on 1 all in for $8 990 


  • $1 100 (expect less than 26”) 

  • $1 900 (expect 26” to 29” realistically)

All bulls will be mature adult bulls.


  • From $3 100 (9ft), $7 000 (12ft), $13 500 (13, 5 ft.) pending age & size – Up to 15 feet can be hunted  

  • Including daily rate as per brochure  


Please ask us about our cull hunt packages Impala from $150, Warthog from $150 and Nyala at $600


Hunt an old mature Roan Antelope for only $6700 including 6 days!

  • Trophy fee for Roan bull under 28” $6700

  • Trophy fee for Roan bull above 28” $7700

  • Including 6 days for 1 hunter.

  • Regular price $10 000 and more.

  • Permits, license fees, field staff all included no hidden fees.

  • First come basis. Limited numbers available.

  • See brochure for usual stuff what is in or excluded.


  • Trophy fee for black mature Sable bull up to 40”  

  • Including 3 days for 1 hunter all in for $3 980 

  • Trophy fee for black mature Sable bull up to 42”  

  • Including 3 days all in for $4 690 

Permits, license fees & field staff all included, no hidden fees on the above specials. On all specials please see our 2019 brochure or website for usual stuff included or excluded as well as our terms and conditions.